Meet Us


 Founder ,visionary, designer, leader of the Grace & Lucille village.

Happy wife, over-the-moon momma of two and devoted follower of Jesus.

Lives and loves generously.  Would go to the ends of the earth for her family and friends. 

An encourager to all she meets.

Exudes creativity and sweats glitter. Amazing transformer of spaces.  Over-the-top party thrower and foodie extraordinaire.

A fashionista with a classic twist.

Gives God the glory for all she is and all she has.



Queen of our commercial press, all-around office multi-tasker and rock star mother-in-law.

Her happy places: Drinking coffee on the dock. Meeting the girls for lunch.  Sipping wine in the boat.  Getting lost in TJ Maxx.  Refurbishing anything old and rusty.

Thankful for:  Her fun, faith-filled husband who also is a great cook.  Her two amazing sons; one of whom gave her the girly girl daughter-in-love of her dreams, her beautiful grandbabies.

Knows every single word of the movies The Wizard of Oz and The Sound of Music.    

Brings mature faith, wisdom and a positive attitude to the Grace & Lucille workplace.

Favorite Motto: You can spray paint anything.



Resident organizer and all-around get it done type of girl.

Ensures our inventory stays straight and your orders get out the door!

Hands down best gift giver ever!  Always selected with great thought and presented with Pinterest perfect  style and heartfelt sayings.

Mother to Grace’s best friend Isaiah and married to Mike, a friend to all kind of guy.

Warm-hearted with a beautiful love for Jesus, friends and family.



Custom order manager.  The go-to girl for our Spanish speaking customers   

Raised in Guatemala, now adjusting to the freezing winters in the Land of 10,000 Lakes with her wonderful husband Dan.

Baby whisperer and nose wiper to our youngest office helpers.

Flaunts the latest Pinterest nail trends. Loves to cook and workout.

Shows up to work with her kind heart, beautiful spirit and generous smile every day. 



Dress wrapper, organizer and baby wrangler   

Our newest worker, who willingly takes on any and every task placed before her.

Our resident cheerleader, she has a great heart and is an encourager to all.  

 AJ, Grace & Hudson

The true joys of my life and the things that keep me going each and every day!

AJ is my elementary school sweetheart and lifelong best friend!  He keeps the business side of Grace & Lucille going and always supports me in my dreams.

Grace is the older sister to little brother Hudson. Two kids under two has been an exciting ride and one I would never change. I always say I have full arms and an even fuller heart!

You can tell my beautiful family is truly hands-on ‘cuz they are usually covered in glitter!  Sorry guys!


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