About Us

Celebrating life with sparkle!

With a deep-seated love of parties and all things sparkly it is no surprise that I ended up designing “celebration” apparel.   But my path to creating party clothes for little girls was not a direct one. 

After college I had an awesome job in the wholesale food industry.   I tasted my way through gourmet food shows and thoroughly enjoyed creating marketing plans that helped my customers succeed.  I married AJ (my elementary school sweetheart and high school buddy who turned out to be the true love of my life – who knew?!) and we had just finished renovating our fixer-upper first home. 

Our prayers were answered with the birth of our beautiful healthy daughter Grace Lucille, the namesake of my own beloved Grandma Lucille. 


Aren’t they adorable together?? To this day, my Grandma Lucille is still a constant source of inspiration and joy.  Her optimism, altruism and unwavering Christian faith are the cornerstones on which I have modeled my own life.  So it was only natural our little girl should be named after this amazingly loving and supportive woman.

But, I digress from the tale of my pathway to this shop.

As new parents we relished every moment with our adorable princess and naturally I wanted Grace’s little outfits to be as memorable as the moments we were celebrating.  But I couldn’t find clothes that were special, sparkly, well-made, comfortable AND overflowing with the all-important “absolutely adorable” factor.  So what’s a Mom to do?  I began creating custom outfits for Grace. With each celebration came a new ensemble.  Friends began asking me to make special things for their little ones too and ultimately I created my own line “Grace and Lucille” (named after two of my favorite women in the whole world!) and opened my Etsy shop. 

 My corporate life and adventure into celebration apparel peacefully co-existed for about a year when I finally realized that “Grace and Lucille” had captured my passion. In addition, baby boy Hudson had arrived on the scene with his precious joyful spirit.

How cute is he??  The allure of business trips with generous expense accounts lost their luster and on the one year anniversary of opening “Grace and Lucille” I hung up my pumps and haven’t looked back.    

 I am so grateful to be a part of your celebrations through “Grace and Lucille” and I LOVE receiving photos of your darling little ones wearing our party clothes!  Your support has made my dreams possible and I am thankful every day for every one of you.  Please let me know how I can continue to add sparkle to your celebrations!  Blessings,  Heather

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