Two-in-One Sequined Bow Headband & Belt, Silver Bow on Black Band


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$ 6.00

Silver Bow, black band
Red Bow, black band
Gold Bow, black band
Green Bow, red band
Red Bow, green band
White Bow, red band

Double her accessory options with our Two-in-One Sequined Bow Headband & Belt!   Fully adjustable sliding strap allows it to be her favorite Sequined Bow Headband one day and a perfectly adorable Sequined Bow Belt the next.  A brilliantly sparkly, sequined Silver bow sits atop our soft black band.   For comfort and protection, we've added a felt backer to prevent her scalp from getting scratched.  Stretches to fit most children.

FASHION TIP:  Adds a refined accent to our new Bejeweled Neck Christmas Dresses.

Cute, comfy and durable with details that make the Grace & Lucille difference!

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